Spring Break

It’s only the second week in January but after unseasonably freezing temperatures the mercury has risen to unseasonably warm temperatures. It’s humid. There’s fog. There may even be thunderstorms tomorrow. Tomorrow. Thunderstorms. In mid-January.

Everyone is enjoying the break from the cold. The paths are full of cyclists and runners. Children are shedding puffy winter coats at the bus stops.

We walked for our usual Thursday night date; last week we actually drove the half mile because of the freezing weather and icy sidewalks. We stood outside with our drinks as did several others, reveling in our light jackets and gloveless fingers and hatless heads. We’re all reminding ourselves that it’s not spring, yet we all have that light, twitterpated feeling that comes from shedding layers during the first warm days after a long winter.

In bed later, we opened the windows to let in the sounds of the street below. The sounds we don’t hear in winter. The light traffic late at night. The occasional siren. The laughter that erupts from the bars and restaurants around the corner. Every so often in summer we hear another couple making love nearby but tonight it’s us, adding to the street noise with our window open.

In two days the temperature will be freezing again. Windows closed. Layered clothing for outside and hats flattening our hair. But tonight we’ll enjoy all the benefits of spring.