Sinful Sunday: Roll in the Rolleiflexes

This idea came from a Twitter acquaintance but it’s also the kind of boudoir shot I’d send to Mr. Scott. These are two of his many antique cameras. I took them out for a little fun while he was away.


Mr. Scott’s text reply was, “Damn!!! Nice work.” (I double-checked to make sure I noted the correct number of exclamation marks.) With two of his favorite things in one shot — boobs and Rolleis — I’m not 100% sure which he was complimenting first. 🙂

See who else is being sinful this week:

Sinful Sunday

48 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Roll in the Rolleiflexes

  1. Omg my son would LOVE this

    He’s just turned 20 and has a decent collection of old cameras

    His bolex is his favorite, got it for 10€ at a flea market, plus paperwork and case… Still works in theory but haven’t tested yet and that reminds me I need to get film

    Aside from that

    Omg I love this
    Absolutely fantastic image

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    1. Thanks! My husband was about 20 when he first started collecting cameras. 20 years later, he’s got quite a collection now and most of them work; finding someplace to develop the film is the hard part.


      1. I have a place near me that developes depending on film, if you give me a list of film and of course a pic of the camera hehe, I can see if I can help

        You guys would have fun treasure hunting the flea markets here

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