O Christmas Tree

“I know what I want to hang up first.” I’m so curious I’m paralyzed as I watch him take a length of tinsel rope and wrap it around my wrists, then makes a loop on the end. He raises my hands over my head and hangs the loop on a high branch. I’m almost on my tiptoes. “You’re the perfect ornament.”

“I can’t lean back on the tree,” I gasp. Through my sweater I can feel faint pricks of the needles when I shift my weight.

“Nope, you’ll have to stay completely still.” He smiles as he pushes one hand up my thigh, under my skirt. He tugs at the waistband of my tights, pulling them down to my knees along with my panties.

“My parents will be here for dinner soon.” I’m panting now.

He continues to smile, calmly. “I’m giving you an early start on your Christmas present.”

I close my eyes, bracing myself for the feel of his fingers or tongue against my clit. What other reason could he have for hanging me on the tree like this?

After a few moments nothing has happened so I open my eyes to find him still smiling, but now with a small gift box in his hands. He lifts the lid to reveal a small pink egg.

“What’s that?”

He picks up the egg, dropping the box on the floor. He slips his hand under my skirt and slips the egg into my pussy. He pushes it up far enough that it doesn’t slip out when he removes his hand. He pulls my tights back up into place and steps back from me, putting his left hand in his pocket.

“Oh!” I squeal when a gentle vibrating emanates from my pussy. The speed increases. I struggle not to squirm against the tree. I don’t want to knock it over. I don’t want to get scratched. I’m held in place, helpless against his devilish smile and the remote control in his pocket.

“Oh! Ah!” I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

“Don’t move,” he says. “And don’t you dare come.”

He turns his back to me, hand still in his pocket. He rummages through the box of tree ornaments with his other hand. The strength and speed of the vibration in my pussy continues to change every few seconds, quickly bringing me to the edge of an orgasm, then backing down.

He pulls ornaments out of the box, one at a time, carefully placing them on the tree around me. I resist the urge to squirm. There’s too much at stake, in ruining the tree. It doesn’t take long before I’m out of my mind. I close my eyes to concentrate on not coming.

“Open your eyes and watch me decorate the tree,” he says, still smiling. With the word tree, the vibrating in my pussy intensifies.

“I can’t,” I gasp through gritted teeth.

“Yes, you can. And be mindful of the tree.” Another strong pulse with the word tree.

I open my eyes and watch him move back and forth between the box and the tree. The vibration in my pussy is relentless. He somehow knows just when to back down before I come. I’m sweating. My parents will be here soon. He can’t keep me up here forever.

“You look so beautiful, hanging from the tree” he says, sending another jolt through my pussy.  He holds the last ornament in front of me, uncomfortably close to my face. It’s a clear glass orb. It will shatter if I move suddenly and knock it out of his hand. I fight not to buck my hips as he holds the ornament just in front of me, daring me to move.

“This will look lovely on the tree, won’t it?”

Another strong buzz in my pussy.He reaches over me, close to me, his lips millimeters from mine. I try to reach forward to kiss him but he moves back just enough. He hangs the ornament over my head then lingers over me.

“Please.” I beg. I can’t hold out much longer.

The doorbell rings.

“Your parents are here,” he announces. His breath is warm on my face. “I’m sure they’ll admire the tree.”

“Oh! Please, let me come now,” I moan as another pulse puts me even closer to the edge.

He grins and shakes his head. He unhooks my tinsel rope, releasing my arms. He kisses my cheek just as my parents have let themselves in and enter the room. To them, the kiss looks as chaste and innocent as could be. But no kiss is innocent right now, as I use all my willpower to resist the thrumming in my pussy. My back itches from the scratch of the branches through my sweater.

“Nice to meet you, sir.” His right hand extends to shake my father’s hand while his left hand stays in his pocket.

“Your tree is gorgeous, dear.” My mom gushes.

“Yes, you picked a lovely tree,” my dad says.

I can do nothing except smile and agree. “Yes, I’m very happy with this tree.”

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