Let It Snow

In anticipation of the storm, my flight’s been cancelled. I have nothing else to do and could use the extra money so I call the bookstore to see if anyone wants to take the night off and let me work instead. The snow has just started and the roads are still fine. There’s no chance the manager would close early on Christmas Eve.

At the front of the store I stop to admire my handiwork in the large window. I love making the displays. Each book and reading accessory is perfectly in place except for one rack of bookmarks slightly askew. I fix the bookmarks.

There won’t be any customers tonight, but I won’t be entirely alone. There always has to be two people for closing. Ty is in the break room when I enter to grab my stupid elf hat. The manager thinks the hats are festive.

“Why are you so pissed off?” Ty asks.

“You’re not wearing your elf hat,” I snap.

I sit at the register and stare at the snow falling through the large front window.

Ty and I had been secretly fucking since Thanksgiving. The sex is amazing but every other single aspect of his personality grates on my nerves. He is effortlessly effervescent and customers gravitate toward him. I’m growing weary of his endless good cheer. It clashes with my natural grouchiness.

Ty is supposed to be stocking shelves to prepare for business on the twenty-sixth but I’m sure he’s in back reading. Holding a book in his thick fingers. Fingers that grabbed my hips and pulled my ass up so he could sink his cock deeper into my pussy the last time we fucked.

“We can’t drive home in that.” I jump at the sound of Ty’s voice behind me. In my daydreaming I’d lost track of time. As he walks past me toward the window he knocks my elf hat off my head. I stand up and follow him, ignoring the hat. “They haven’t cleared the streets yet and it’s still coming down.”

“Let me check the news.” I pull my phone from my pocket. Ty stands close behind me. “They’re only plowing the highways right now,” I tell him. “They’re not bothering with surface streets until the snow stops. Hours ago they advised everyone to stay home.”

“Great,” he says. “We’re stuck here. Let’s have some fun.” He puts a hand on my shoulder, fingers squeezing my arm slightly.

I shrug him off. “I may as well start on my new display.” I do want to have some fun with him but I’m equally annoyed about being stuck here with him.

“Come on,” he says. “We’ve done it in the store before.” He gives me the boyish grin he uses on customers.

“Indulge me for a few minutes and reach some things from the high shelf.”

“Fine, but we’re not going to work all night are we?”

I ignore him. “Turn off the fucking Christmas music. ‘Let It Snow’ my ass.”

An hour later, I’m happy with how my display looks, no thanks to Ty. He did turn off the music. And the main lights, but he left the twinkle lights on. He took a few boxes from a high shelf in the store room for me, then proceeded to mess with every single item I set out in the window, knowing it would get a rise out of me. At this point I’m so annoyed with him the only thing left to do is fuck him.

“You’re done,” he says. “Let me help you relax.”

“I don’t want to relax.” It actually was pretty thrilling the last time we closed together and fucked on the floor behind the counter. My pulse quickened at the memory. I grudgingly admit to myself how handsome he looks in the glow of the twinkle lights.

“What is wrong with you tonight?” he asks. “You could have stayed home but chose to work. I don’t really want to be here either, but if I have to be stuck here I’m glad it’s with you. Or at least I was glad.”

I bristle. I turn from the window and walk behind the counter, pretending to busy myself with organizing paperclips. I smell his cologne before I hear his footsteps behind me. I breathe in deeply. I’m done resisting it. I lean back against his chest.

“I know you hate me,” he says. “Except for fucking me. But we have so much fun with that, fuck the rest of it all.” He puts an arm around me and holds me tight against him. I can feel how hard he’s become.

“I don’t hate you exactly,” I say. “Customers love you.”

“It’s because I’m so nice. And because I’m so nice, I have a present for you.” He slips one hand in the front of my pants.

“Your Christmas package? Clever.”

“Nope,” he whispers into my neck. I don’t stop him from pushing my pants down. He kneels behind me. Hands on my hips, he turns me around, the front of my white cotton panties level with his face. “I love this smell,” he says, nuzzling me and pushing my panties aside. He gently gives me one slow, long lick that releases tension in my back I didn’t even realize I’d had. I shudder. “I’m going to lick you like this until the snow stops,” he says.

“We’re behind the counter. We won’t see when it stops.”

“You’re so literal.” He stands and takes my hand, leading me to the front window. He pushes my carefully arranged display out of the way. I move to clean it up but he holds my hand firmly. I relax again and I let him lie me down in the window. He strips off my clothes. He kneels between my legs again, breathing warm air on my pussy.

“Now you can see.” He gives me one more long, slow lick.

“Let. It. Snow.” I sigh.



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